Web Resources

Below you will find some helpful online resources for your personal, spiritual growth:

Bible Study Resources

www.Biblegateway.com– a valuable Bible search tool in multiple versions and languages

www.Bible.org– contains sermons and articles to help you study the Bible

www.Biblehub.com – great tool for original language studies, as well as access to several public domain commentaries

www.DesiringGod.org – over 10,000 resources, including all of John Piper’s sermons, Ask Pastor John, and blog posts

www.GotQuestions.org – this reliable and trustworthy site answers 1,000’s of questions about the Bible

www.theGospelCoalition.org – articles addressing pressing issues in our culture and churches from a conservative, Biblical perspective

www.RightNowMedia.org – the “Netflix of Christian resources,” this library of teaching and children’s programs is made available free to all our members and attenders.  Simply text “FBCMTO” to 49775 to get signed up for your free access!

Southern Baptist Resources

www.imb.org – contains articles, videos, and resources to keep the fire for international missions burning

www.namb.net – learn more about how the North American Mission Board is advancing the kingdom through church planting and relief work

www.AlbertMohler.com – be sure to subscribe to his daily podcast “The Briefing” for an analysis of daily news from a biblical worldview

Church Resources

www.9Marks.org – a wealth of resources to help the church function properly; be sure to check the book review section

www.ThomRainer.com – resources directed primarily at strengthening the leadership of the local church

Counseling Resources

www.BiblicalCounseling.com – find an ACBC-certified counselor near you

www.TwelveStones.org – intensive, biblical counseling and equipping for difficult issues

Financial Freedom Resources

www.Crown.org – biblically-based training and resources for properly managing your money

www.DaveRamsey.com – wise guidance for debt-elimination and wealth management with some underlying biblical principles

*inclusion on this list does not indicate an endorsement of all the content available on these sites