Trembling at His Word Blog

  • Quarantine Reflections

    As we begin to emerge from quarantine of the past 70 days or so, I am prompted to meditate upon lessons learned, not only about my own soul, but about […]
  • A Son in the Faith

    This past Wednesday, I lost one of my spiritual dads. Six years ago, one of the twelve men who sat on my ordination council, David Boggs, took the initiative to […]
  • Given as a Possession

    As God’s people are preparing to leave their wilderness wanderings and enter the Promised Land, the Land of Caanan, God gives them some specific instructions. In order to get to […]
  • They Did Not Remember

    The Bible is full of admonitions for us to remember. This isn’t a matter of simply mental cognition, but of a calling to mind the things that have been taught […]
  • I am Barabbas

    Pilate was in a quandary,He didn’t know what to do.Jesus, he knew, was not guilty;His accusers had failed their case to prove.His wife had suffered greatly;“Do this man no harm!” […]