Trembling at His Word Blog

  • No More Tears

    When bathing little people, there is a product that every parent comes to love and appreciate: shampoo that doesn’t hurt if it ends up in little eyes.  No Tear Shampoo.  […]
  • When Technology Hurts instead of Helps

    I’ll never forget this one particular moment in my life.  It was in the Fall of 2000.  I was hanging out in the Bible teacher’s classroom after school with some […]
  • A Mother’s Day Lament

    Be merciful to me, O Lord!   Where are You when       my cries ascend upward?   How many nights must       my pillow be drenched with tears? Do You have no compassion on […]
  • Lamenting an Unjust Death

    For the past week, our nation has been reeling and has been rocked by the footage of the senseless death of George Floyd. Thousands have rightly responded with outrage and […]
  • Quarantine Reflections

    As we begin to emerge from quarantine of the past 70 days or so, I am prompted to meditate upon lessons learned, not only about my own soul, but about […]