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Family Worship Resources

This website includes 50 lessons of Scripture Reading, a short explanation, and discussion questions from Genesis to Revelation.

Dr. Donald Whitney gives a 5 minute explanation of what family worship – Read, Pray, Sing – actually looks like for an average family.

Prayer Resources

IMB Prayer Points

Please incorporate this prayer guide into your regular times of prayer, remembering our missionaries who are serving around the world.

Sermon Handouts – Good News for All: One with Authority is Here! (Mark 1-8)

Sermon Handouts – Rest (Summer 2022)

Sermon Handouts – Joy Complete (Philippians)

Sermon Handouts – The Deliverer (Genesis 37-50)

Sermon Handouts – iDisciple (GROW|22)

Sermon Handouts – Fear Not (Christmas 2021)

Sermon Handouts – Grace (Genesis 25-36)

Sermon Handouts – Restored (GROW|21)

Sermon Handouts – Enigma (Daniel 7-12)

Sermon Handouts – Stand Alone Sermons

Discipleship Group Resources